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The technology used in web designing

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Web design Dubai provides an attractive, modern design and in line with the latest trends that display a visual impact of your website. If your website is agile and navigable, you have everything that you need so that customers who visit your website easily decide the services they want from you.

From many years, web design Dubai has been using the latest technologies with the upcoming trend.

Technologies that are using for web designing and development.


CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet. CSS helps web designers in changing colors, fonts, animations, and transitions of the website. They make the look of the web attractive.

  • LESS – a CSS is a pre-compiler which make it easier and add functionality to it
  • SASS – a CSS is a pre-compiler which make it easier and add functionality to it


HTML is a mark-up language. HTML provides a framework to a website through which web browsers are able to know what to display.

Programming Languages

Programming languages are ways to communicate with computers. There are many different programming languages like many different lingual languages.

  • JavaScript – it is used by web browsers and lots of other frameworks
  • Python -used in mathematical calculations
  • PHP – is used by Word press
  • Objective-C – it is a programming language


Frameworks are built to make working with programming languages easier. Frameworks take all the difficult, repetitive tasks while setting up a new web application and make them very easy for you to do.


Databases are where all your data is stored. It is like filing cabinets with folders filled with files. Databases come in two flavors: SQL and NoSQL.

SQL provides a structure which helps in making sure that all the data is correct and validated.

NoSQL provides a lot of flexibility in building and maintaining applications.

  • MySQL – is an open-sourced SQL database. it is used in WordPress websites.
  • Oracle –it is an enterprise SQL database.
  • SQL Server – it is an SQL server manager created by Microsoft.


A client is one user of an application. Clients can be desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices. There are multiple clients interacting with the same application.


The back-end is comprised of your server and database. It is the place where functions, methods, and data manipulation happen.


Protocols are standardized instructions for how to pass information back and forth between computers and devices.

  • HTTP – This protocol helps how each website gets to your browser.