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Super Tan Bros: Learn from E-Commerce experts

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It is amazing what one can do when the family extends full support to what you are doing. Think about what one can achieve when the business is handled by two siblings together! An ideal instance of attaining Everest success through mutual support is the success story of the super Tan Brothers. The amazing roller coaster ride of Steve Tan and Alan Tan who skyrocketed towards a dreamy 7-digit sales a month is as inspiring as it could probably get. So here are how and why two brothers came to be called Super Brothers.

The Ups Are High, the Downs Are Low

The domain of e-commerce has gained momentum lately due to the boost indoor delivery facilities and improvements in the quality and reliability of products that are bought online. With the same thought did Steve Tan drop out of college and began pursuing a career in e-commerce. Finding huge success initially did boost his motivation to travel further into the journey. Naturally, a few stores and companies he initially owned saw a huge loss in terms of business and brought him to a nearly bankrupt state, pushing him into the dark alleys of depression. But as it is said, failure is necessary to appreciate and understand the value of success, with the commendable support of his brother, Alan Tan, who had been a driving force from the very beginning, Steve found his balance yet again. And once they were back on track, there was certainly no looking back.

Whoa! What A Comeback!

This is the era of Kreyos ruling the e commerce. This online store is where the dynamic duo kicked off from. From setting the store on shopify to earning a whopping $360K in a single day, things have escalated arguably well. With all the experience and success in the field, the brothers are now out on a journey to spread the knowledge they have through talks and presentations all over the world. Also, the Tans have enables the forming of a club of the most successful personalities in the field and offer one on one consultation to people who wish to know the field better.

It is really heart-warming and at the same time amazing to see people come back into the business in style and slay it. The super Tan bros have proved that anything and everything is achievable if you have the support of your loved ones.