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Enjoy Abundance of Movies

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Gone are the days when people use to watch TV programs with the help of cable. Due to the advancements in technology people are craving for new techniques. There are different techniques available in the market. Multiple offers are available which are absent in cable connections. The facilities offered are numerous and people are finding it entertaining and knowledge gaining source. 123movies is one among them.

123movies: 123movies is simply a website which will allow the users to stream pirated movies.  Multiple sites are available in the internet similar to 123movies.  These sites will provide titles, catalogs and new releases as well. The users need not login or create an account. The only thing they need to do is just click on the title and start streaming on your computer or internet connected devices. Movies and TV shows can be watched on 123movies. Even recent releases and blockbusters will also be available. Due to all these features the site has become more popular among the users.  They can watch the programs in smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Legal issues: These sites are not available in the western part of the world. The reason is failing to have proper legal content. These sites are streaming in other parts of the globe. These sites have a base in the countries which do not have proper laws for antipiracy and copy right issues. These sites instead of directly hosting the content will link the pirated content with the other sites. When the users click on the link they will be directed to another site or online source

Safety: Generally the question arises whether using these sites are safe for the users. Users often report that these sites distribute malware and viruses often. There are also clone sites available which are fake. These malwares and viruses will be distributed to the computer through JavaScript on the website. Users visiting the sites must ensure to have antivirus and firewall.

Should watch movies on 123movies:

Even though the site has managed to gain millions of visitors to the site and has become famous in the recent times. It is not safe and legal to watch these sites. Initially the site  does not provide the contents on their own. The content streaming on the websites are obtained illegally.  As a result the computer will get infected will the virus and malware available in the site after spending lot of time in the site. It is always better to visit the legal sites instead of using sites which are illegal and are not safe. Today there are so many sites that are streaming in the internet which are safe and free. These sites can be watched for free or with small amounts.