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Now The World of Movies Is In Your Fingertips

You may have already seen the movie Star Wars 8 or Paddington 2 from your couch and yet you should not. These films, which have not yet been released in cinema, are subject to the chronology of the media in France. This term refers to a rule setting the time period before which a cinematographic work can be exploited.

For example, The Sense of the Feast was released in July 2017 in France. It comes out on DVD a few months later, in February 2018. TV channels such as Canal + can broadcast one year after its release in theatres, in July 2018. It is necessary to wait one additional year so that the national chains can diffuse it that is in July 2019. And finally, it is only 3 years after its release to the cinema that it will be available in legal streaming (VOD), in December 2020. As you watch shows online you will be getting the best support for the same through us now.

Illegal downloading or illegal streaming viewing has become commonplace, an almost straightforward solution. To mitigate this dangerous gear, the paying and legal offers multiply. In January 2017, the Torrent Freak site, which specializes in file sharing analysis, published the list of the most illegally downloaded movies in the world in 2016:

  • Dead Pool
  • Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice
  • Captain America 3: Civil War
  • Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • War craft
  • Independence Day: Resurgence
  • Suicide Squad
  • Dory’s World
  • the Revenant

The eternal problem of the cost of these platforms (Netflix, Canal Play …) comes back to gallop when it comes to explain the trend of illegal streaming. Indeed, between an offer freely available in a sphere that does not punish and a pay platform, the choice of Internet users is often very quickly. In addition, malfunctions are sometimes noted on most paid services. And the bursting of offers leads to perfection.

One of the most recognizable incipits: the close-up of Malcolm McDowell’s challenging and sadistic gaze that with a backward tracking turns away little by little, discovering the shot of the room, the notorious Koroba Milkbar, where they serve the famous lattepiù, where tables and chairs are female mannequins, and where Alex goes, generally, with his trusted friends called “drughi”.

The scene of Alien above is one of the greatest scenes of the cinema, if only because it is so unsettling and you certainly do not expect what will happen soon. What makes it so iconic, however, along with the technical skill of the effects and the incredibly simple direction of Ridley Scott , is that none of the cast knew what would happen in that scene. From 123movies you will be having the best supports now.

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Enjoy Abundance of Movies

Gone are the days when people use to watch TV programs with the help of cable. Due to the advancements in technology people are craving for new techniques. There are different techniques available in the market. Multiple offers are available which are absent in cable connections. The facilities offered are numerous and people are finding it entertaining and knowledge gaining source. 123movies is one among them.

123movies: 123movies is simply a website which will allow the users to stream pirated movies.  Multiple sites are available in the internet similar to 123movies.  These sites will provide titles, catalogs and new releases as well. The users need not login or create an account. The only thing they need to do is just click on the title and start streaming on your computer or internet connected devices. Movies and TV shows can be watched on 123movies. Even recent releases and blockbusters will also be available. Due to all these features the site has become more popular among the users.  They can watch the programs in smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Continue reading Enjoy Abundance of Movies

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Watching movies online at the comfort of your home

Online movies have become favorite and very popular form when it comes to entertainment. This is the choice of movie lovers who want to remain indoors and prefer watching moving in their leisure.

Along with entertainment, watching movies indoor and online can help in relax mind. It is also possible to achieve significant level of concentration through watching movies. There will not be any disturbance when we watch movies online sitting at the comfort of our home.

Just sit on the couch and relax when watch movies online. Along with mind even body gets relaxed after a busy day of work. More than this it is also possible to choose movies with informative storyline which carries a message. It is possible to get all genres of movies online. There will be unlimited movies of all types like adventure, comedy, action, and horror.

Even though watching movies at the theatre is all together a different experience, it is always not possible to spend time to go there and watch movies all the time. So, watching movies online can be a best option for movie lovers who are busy throughout the week. In online it is possible to download the movies either in phone or computer and watch whenever possible. There are many sites which allow movies to be downloaded for free. Putlocker is a perfect example. Watching movies online comes with lot of benefits compared to other streams. Continue reading Watching movies online at the comfort of your home

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Why should we watch online movies?

Now technology becomes smarter everything is available on the internet as like that we are also able to watch movies. It is also the use of our leisure time when we feel bored from the boring schedule. When we want some relaxation and enjoyment, then we can opt for online movies. With the help of smart technology, you can get relief and refresh your mind after doing the long hours of work. You only need the internet services for watch movies online. . If you are going to watch online movies then you should go through the primewire.

There are some of the reasons that why we should play online movies. Reasons are discussed below in this post. Following reasons are:

Money Saving

It is one of the most important reasons that you can also save money with the help of online movies. You don’t need to pay the cost for watching the online movies then you save the cost of the ticket which you have to get when you go to the theatre.


In the old days for watching a movie we have to go outside sometimes we also don’t find a comfortable environment. There are very much crowding in the theatre so that most people mostly prefer online movies these days. If you are going to watch online movies, then you have a comfortable environment because you watch at your home with the comfortable chair. Continue reading Why should we watch online movies?