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The smart approach to learn sewing techniques 

Beginners to the sewing in recent times are keen to learn different sewing techniques starting from the basic to advanced level. They understand that they cannot immediately learn everything related to sewing. However, they get ready for gradually learning sewing methods and applying such methods one after another.  It is the right time to learn sewing techniques and make certain about how to get a good improvement in your sewing.  You require sewing supplies before using any sewing technique. The following details assist you to know about different sewing techniques.

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Many individuals nowadays wish to know an easy way to sew piping. They need the fabric long and narrow strips cut in one and one and a half inches wide and cording. If they cut the fabric into strips by using the best accessories, they have to place cording in the center. The next step is to fold the fabric in half over the complete cording and properly pin it. They have to put the zipper foot on the machine and move the needle to the left most part.  They can sew along such cord closely as possible. Now, they get the most expected piping. They can pin it along the edge of the fabric when they wish to sew it into the sewing project. They can prefer to sew a straight line and keep the cording line in its place. An easy way to sewing piping nowadays gives 100% satisfaction to all beginners to the sewing project. Continue reading The smart approach to learn sewing techniques